Instrument Go applications using OpenTelemetry

22 May 2023

Learn about to how to instrument go application using OpenTelemetry.

golang, opentelemetry, otel, metric

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Build Console Application in Golang

17 November 2020

Have you used Kubernetes or some other CNCF projects which are built on Golang. You would have surely used some CLI tool to interact with them like kubectl and etc. Have you ever thought how these tools are built? Let's explore the same in this post.

console, golang, cli

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Django Production Deployment on Apache Server

02 October 2020

Do you use python runserver to deploy web applications written in django? Please don't do it. Learn in this post how to deploy it in production using docker and apache webserver

docker, django, apache, deployment, production

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Spring Cloud Gateway using Kubernetes Service Discovery

21 October 2019

Do you want to expose your microservices API deployed in Kubernetes to the external world? Do you want to expose all frontend API on the same domain? Do you want to know, how to onboard new apis dynamically as and when they are deployed in your kubernetes architecture? Look into the article to answer, all of these questions.

spring, gateway, cloud, kubernetes, springcloudgateway, minikube

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Service Discovery in microservices

07 October 2019

What is service discovery in microservices? What problems can it solve for us? Do we really need it?

microservices, servicediscovery, communication

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Django app testing with unmanaged database

24 August 2019

We want to write unit test cases for databases which are not being managed by Django. Do you want to know how to do it?

django, models, unittest

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Introduction of Google Cloud Run

04 August 2019

Google Cloud Run is a managed service that enables you to run stateless containers that are invocable via web requests or Cloud Pub/Sub events. It manages all infrastructure management, so developers can focus on building applications.

serverless, cloudrun, gcp, aws

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Ionic - Using Chart.js

14 August 2017

In the world of data, visualization plays the important role. It helps the business to identify the various patterns. More and more of data visualization and data scientist professional are being required. With great demand in visualization, great tools and technologies are emerging too.

angular, chartjs, ionic, cordova

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Ionic2 - Hammer JS Example

13 March 2017

Gesture event support is also one of the reason behind popularity of mobile applications. Capturing gesture events can be easily done in case of native mobile applications, since all the mobile platform expose gesture events in native code.

angular, Cordova, gesture, Hammer.js, Ionic

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Ionic2 - Secure Storage in mobile application

25 February 2017

Securing communication between mobile application and back-end server is crucial. We should authenticate the requests sent from mobile applications before serving them. Authentication may require username and password for the user, which most of the developers store into mobile local-storage. Storing sensitive information in local-Storage is a very bad practice, instead you should use other options such as JWT tokens or Social providers.

cordova, ionic, security, secure-storage

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