Ionic2 - Security for Cordova mobile applications

18 February 2017

One of the great challenge for mobile developers is securing it. In case of Cordova based mobile applications, this challenge is more complex. Since, all the cordova based mobile applications are nothing but an website with index.html. The only difference here is that this website runs within your mobile and all the html pages are wrapped within native container of mobile platforms.

angular, cordova, ionic, security, whitelist

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Ionic2 - Internationalization using ng2-translate

10 February 2017

To target target people from different countries, i18n support is required for your mobile app . Here in India where there are so many local languages, i18n support in mobile apps is must.

angular, ng2-translate, ionic, cordova

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Ionic2 - How to use D3 JS

03 February 2017

During the UI/Mobile app development, we all would have encountered need to use data visualization components. D3 JS is one of such powerful tool, being used for same.

angular, cordova, ionic, d3, types

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Ionic2/Cordova - Android splash screen and icon is not working

27 January 2017

An attractive icon and splash screen are always important for your mobileapplication. after all they are the first thing anyone will look into.

angular, Cordova, Ionic

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